Freestyle BMX

Freestyle BMX

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About BMX Freestyle

Huge flips and fast twists

Arising from the racing culture that emerged from California in the 1970s, BMX freestyle was born out of the imagination of children and teenagers in the region inspired by the moves of riders and keen to imitate their heroes.


Building the venue

Ramps built for the games

With ramps being built by Team Extreme, we will be turning the Oval Basin into a skatepark for a weekend of competition and jam sessions.

Event Details

We are excited to invite amateur and pro riders to Cardiff Bay to compete and enjoy a weekend of jam sessions. With ramps specially made for this event you can expect to see some unreal tricks.

Event Details
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Event info

Our BMX Freestyle event will take place on Saturday 18th June 2022.

The Urban Games will take place in The Oval Basin, down Cardiff Bay. We'll be taking over with custom ramps for this weekend only.

There are limited spaces available so, Get Involved Now!


Event Categories and Prizes

There will be boys/mens and girls/ladies events held for the following:

  • Ages Under 12s 
  • Ages 13-15 
  • 40+
  • Pro/Am (any age)

Top 3 walk away with a prize.

  • Ages 8–12 - Equipment and Kit
  • Ages 13-15 - Equipment and Kit
  • Pro/Am - Prize fund of £1,000

Entry Prices

Entry is priced as following.

  • Ages 8-12 (Intermediate) - £5 each
  • Ages 13-15 (Intermediate) - £5 each
  • 40+ - £5 each
  • Pro/Am - £5 each

Competition Judges

Experienced judges including the likes of the Olympian James Jones will assess each performance and choose the winners 

Enillwyr BMX Pro.JPG

Mens Pro/Am Results

1st. Shaun Gornall

2nd. Kaine Mitchell

3rd. Jordan Clark

4th. Ash Finley

5th. Brendan Jefferies

6th. Harley Burford

7th. Archie Cole

8th. Jack Magurie

9th. Finley Evans

10th. Ashley Atwood


u16 Results

1st. Alfie Crocker

2nd. Harry Gorman

3rd. Tyler Rees


u12 Results

1st. Harry Gorman

2nd. Jackson King

3rd. Oliver

Games Ambassadors

Meet the Pros

  • James Jones

    Learn more

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