Holly Pipe

Holly Pipe

Scooter Rider

Tell us a bit about your upbringing and your previous experience with the Urdd

I’m 18 now and have lived in Bedwas, Caerphilly all my life. I went to Ysgol Gymraeg Castell and on to Ysgol Gwyndy, so all my education was through the medium of Welsh. I was a member of the Urdd at school, I remember competing in the ymgom competition in year 5 and we went to the Eisteddfod in Bala up in North Wales which was fun. When I was in secondary school I volunteered with the Urdd’s sports department, and I really enjoyed that too. The Urdd gives young people such a variety of experiences, I’m well happy to be involved with the Urdd again this year through the Urban Games.


When did you fall in love with scooter riding?

I’ve always been competitive, and I like being out and about. I got into my BMX riding first, then when I was about 10, my Dad took me to the skate park in Radyr. I remember watching this group of boys on scooters, they were doing all these cool tricks that I couldn’t do on a BMX and I just wanted to try it. I haven’t stopped since!


When did you start competing?

I just enjoyed it as a hobby for the first couple of years, it’s a really sociable sport, like all Urban Games, you just do it with your friends, it’s a healthy hobby and fun too. The first competition I did was in Ramp World in Cardiff, I was really nervous but loved it, there’s no adrenaline like it when you’re doing those high jumps!


What have been your highlights so far?

I’ve got two major ones! The first was being invited to the World Finals in Barcelona in 2019. It was the first time that women could compete so the fact that they invited me and recognised me as one of the best female scooter riders in the world was just amazing. It was probably the scariest time of my life, but also the best.

My second was the first time I competed in Scoot GB, which is like the GB Olympics for scooter riders! I was competing in the novice category for the first time ever and I won it. I remember how ecstatic I was. Such a buzz!


You’ve recently taken on BMX competitions too?

Yes! I’d only been practicing for around 3 weeks and I came 6th in my first competition! I’ve inspired my girlfriend to give it a go now too. That’s how people get involved in these sports,  they feel inspired by watching others and want to give it a go. That’s why the Urdd’s Urban Games is so fantastic – the Urdd already help and inspire kids in other fields and I’m sure this will inspire lots of kids to get involved in these sports, which is just amazing.


So, you’re pretty excited about the Urban Games then?!

Yes! Honestly, I was so shocked and excited when I found out about it. Nothing on this level has ever happened in Wales. It’s so amazing that scooters will be sitting alongside BMX, skateboarding, breaking and so on. Some of these other sports are recognised now as they are in the Olympics, the Urdd is giving our sport an equal platform to be recognised and taken seriously, which is just brilliant. I’m sure it’s going to inspire kids and young people to find out more, to get involved and think of them as a possible career path too which is so cool.


You’ll also be competing there?

Yes! I’m actually really nervous about that, but excited too! It’s going to be a different experience for me, as there will be pro’s from other sports there and they’ll be watching me, but I’ll be watching them too! Knowing me, I’ll want to try out the other sports after watching them, so the fact that there’s going to be free taster sessions in all these sports is just great, you can just have a go straight away.


Finally, what are your top tips for kids wanting to take scootering to the next level?

Go for it, try it and don’t stress about it. If you practice with your friends rather than putting pressure on yourself, it’ll be way more enjoyable. The Urban Games scene is really sociable, it’s an amazing and fun community to be part of. I work in Ramp World now, and between shifts I train there, I more or less live there ! I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my scooter and my community, I just love it! Come to the Urban Games, give it a go and who knows where it will take you!  

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