Jamie Hull

Jamie Hull

UK’s Champion Scooter Rider

Where are you from?

I’m from Widnes, on the border between Cheshire and Liverpool. I’ve lived here all my life, but I often visit Wales to ride in the skate park in Deeside, it’s really good there!


So, scooter riding, where did it all begin?

When I was 9, so 11 years ago now. I was watching this really cool video of a guy doing a back flip on a scooter, it was mind blowing! I’d just learnt to do a back flip on my trampoline so I thought I could do it, but it’s not that easy!


When did you start riding? 

After seeing the video and knowing I wanted to learn, I asked for a scooter for Christmas. It took me 6 months to learn how to do that back flip, it’s not that easy on such a small thing like a scooter but the buzz was unreal! There’s nothing more exciting than learning new tricks and getting the support and hugs from the crowd, I love it!


When did you star competing and what have been the highlights along the way?

I started competing in amateur competitions quite soon and I was gobsmacked when my first sponsor approached me – it was Madd Gear Pro, the biggest scooter company at the time – it was my dream! I’m now sponsored by Apex, they are amazing and I can’t believe I’m being paid to do what I love, it just goes to show that with lots of hard work and practice, you can live your dreams. Earlier this year I won the UK Championships and I’m so proud to be the UK’s number 1 scooter rider.  


How often do you train?

I ride in a different skate park every day and go to the gym every day too. It’s all about core strength and strong arms, that’s how you can do the big tricks, those impressive ones that blow people’s minds, it’s hard work but I love it.


You are also passionate about inspiring the next generation in the UK

Yes, kids love scootering and it’s such a fun way to keep fit. Thinking back at that time when I was 9 and being inspired by that video has stayed with me, so I’m keen to pass on my skills and inspire kids all over the country. I spend lots of my time in schools, doing demos and helping kids to learn new skills.


Was this the reason you were so keen to be involved in the Urdd’s Urban Games?

I honestly can’t wait for the Urdd’s Urban Games. I think it’s so good that the Urdd has organised the Urban Games as a multi-generational event, where kids and pro’s will be mixing and competing in the same space. These young people will get to not only meet the pro’s, they’ll be offered free taster sessions with these world class sportspeople. I think the Urban Games will inspire kids and pro’s alike. Hopefully we’ll find the next winner of the UK’s scooter championships to follow in my footsteps too! If anyone puts their mind to it in these sports, they can do it.   


You’ll be judging the scooter competitions at the Urban Games, what will you be looking for?

I feel honoured to be judging the scooter competitions at the Urdd’s Urban Games. I’ll be looking for big tricks, things that make me go ‘wow!’ and that make the crowds cheer and feel excited. Smooth landing is also key and consistency throughout.


You’ll also be providing scooter taster sessions on both days?

Yes! Anyone can get on a scooter, so if you’ve just had your first scooter and want to learn the basics or maybe you’re a confident scooter who just wants to learn new tricks, whatever your level pop down to see me and I’ll be happy to share my skills and teach you. Just don’t forget your scooter and your helmet and pads, I always emphasise how important these are as I’ve broken a few bones along the way!

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