Lilly Rice

Lilly Rice


Tell me a bit about your background and where you were born and raised.

I was born and raised in Pembrokeshire and I went to school in Tenby. I've always enjoyed participating in sport and being physically active, my main sports are WCMX and Swimming.


Do you speak Welsh and have you been involved in the Urdd in the past?

I don't speak Welsh however I've been involved with multiple Urdd projects like the Peace and Goodwill messages and the #FelMerch conference. I've also competed in the Urdd sports competitions, there’s just so many cool ways to get involved with the Urdd!


What inspired you to get involved in WCMX? 

I saw a video online, I thought it looked really cool and I wanted to give it a go. I landed my first backup after 4 months of training which is pretty cool and things just took off from there! I love it!


How difficult is it and what’s the most challenging thing? 

I think the hardest thing in sport is believing in yourself, especially when it comes to extreme sports. It's definitely all about confidence, however you build this by starting small and working your way to the top. Just give it a go!


For those who’ve never seen or heard of this sport, how would you describe it in a nutshell?

WCMX, is basically skateboarding but on a wheelchair. I adapt my tricks from skateboarding and other wheeled sports in the skatepark to create tricks specific for WCMX. My wheelchair is specially made for the sport with suspension and skateboard wheels, however this isn't essential to start. 


Are there enough opportunities for people to get involved in the sport? Does it need more exposure?

Disability Sport Wales are a massive help when it comes to helping disabled people in Wales get into sport. They provide opportunities for young people to try a rage of sport through their insport series, which I've been a part of to help promote WCMX. I'm now working with USA Skateboarding and skateboard GB to get WCMX & Adaptive Skateboarding to the Paralympics.


When did you start competing and what have been your highlights so far?

I started competing in WCMX in 2018 where I became the women's European champion. Later, in 2019 I became the Womens WCMX World champion.


Do you compete in any other sports or have you in the past? 

Yes! I also Compete in Para swimming at an international level, I've been fortunate to travel abroad with Swim Wales to represent Wales/GB which was pretty cool!


So, how do you feel about the Urdd’s Urban games and why is it important to have an event like this in Wales?

It's important to have events like the Urdd’s Urban Games in Wales as it promotes social inclusion and increases participation levels in sport in Wales, especially for young people and children. Mental health is a big topic at the moment, it's been proven that sport and physical exercise can help improve individuals mental health so the more opportunities to get involved, the better! 


You’ll be leading some taster sessions during the weekend, can anyone get involved and what will you be teaching them? Do they need to bring anything?

Anyone can get involved with WCMX & Adaptive skateboarding and an event like the Urdd’s Urban Games is a perfect place to start. All you need is a positive attitude and a Helmet!!


Finally, your top tips for others who are keen to get into the sport?

I think it’s important to stick at what you're comfortable with and not push yourself too far. You don’t need a WCMX wheelchair to get started in the sport, but protection like a helmet, knee pads/elbow pads are very important, especially when learning. 

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