Adaptive Skating at the Urdd Urban Games

Adaptive Skating at the Urdd Urban Games


As part of the Urdd Urban Games WCMX and Inline Skating will be showcased on Sunday 19th at the Oval Basin Skatepark.

Here we will see demonstrations and taster sessions for all those interested in taking part. Lily Rice will be the leading the sessions and providing some guidance and sharing some of the tips that took her to becoming World Champion.


Lily describes WCMX as “basically skateboarding but on a wheelchair” and we cannot wait to see people getting involved and having a chance to try something new at the event. The sessions are open to all that want to give it a go no matter their experience. Lily nailed her first backflip 2017, becoming the first female in Europe to do so! Recently Ben Sleet (aged 12) managed to replicate this by landing his first backflip and becoming the youngest person in Europe to perform the trick. It is one to watch at this years Urdd Urban Games.

What inspired you to get involved in WCMX? 

I saw a video online, I thought it looked really cool and I wanted to give it a go. I landed my first backflip after 4 months of training which is pretty cool and things just took off from there! I love it!


How difficult is it and what’s the most challenging thing? 

I think the hardest thing in sport is believing in yourself, especially when it comes to extreme sports. It's definitely all about confidence, however you build this by starting small and working your way to the top. Just give it a go!


When did you start competing and what have been your highlights so far?

I started competing in WCMX in 2018 where I became the women's European champion. Later, in 2019 I became the Womens WCMX World champion.


So, how do you feel about the Urdd’s Urban games and why is it important to have an event like this in Wales?

It's important to have events like the Urdd’s Urban Games in Wales as it promotes social inclusion and increases participation levels in sport in Wales, especially for young people and children. Mental health is a big topic at the moment, it's been proven that sport and physical exercise can help improve individuals mental health so the more opportunities to get involved, the better! 


You’ll be leading some taster sessions during the weekend, can anyone get involved and what will you be teaching them? Do they need to bring anything?

Anyone can get involved with WCMX & Adaptive skateboarding and an event like the Urdd’s Urban Games is a perfect place to start. All you need is a positive attitude and a Helmet!!

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